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Jennifer Joyce

“I’ve been photographed by Karen many times and she is one of my very favorite photographers. After years of working with her in job-related contexts, I hired her to photograph my daughter's wedding. The wedding photos she took are absolutely incredible. It’s hard to adequately describe them because they are so special. Perhaps it is her past experience as a news photographer that give the wedding photos a unique quality. They are beautiful, original and they totally capture the joy of that day. Simply put, Karen is a brilliant photographer. You will not regret hiring her for any occasion." — Jennifer M. Joyce

Richard Gard , Group Vice President & Publisher, Law Bulletin Publishing Company, Chicago

Karen is a remarkably gifted photojournalist and portraitist. Several years ago, when we undertook to reposition and redesign Missouri Lawyers Weekly, Karen's compelling photography played a starring role in our success. She has deservedly won scores of industry awards. Her splashy portraiture transformed an annual supplement of ours into the Missouri legal community's most coveted forum in which to be featured. She's both competitive and professional, able to slip past the pack and the official rope line with a smile and capture a shot no one else would think to get. She possesses a perceptive eye, a gift for visual storytelling, and a wonderful talent for putting her subjects at ease so she can do her art.

Richard Jackoway Editor, writing coach, freelance writer and communication professional

"I have been an editor for over 30 years. In that time I have worked with more photographers than I can count. Karen is among the very best. She is not just a wonderful shooter, with an eye for telling the story through compelling images, she is one of the best journalists I have ever worked with. She goes after a story with the zeal and passion of an investigative reporter." Richard managed Karen at Missouri Lawyers Media, a Dolan Media Company

James Goodwin | Assoc. Director of Cancer News at Siteman Cancer Center

"Karen possesses technical and compositional expertise as a photographer. But beyond that -- and this is what makes her an artist -- is her exceptional ability to connect with the people she photographs. That's what gives Karen her edge."

Bill Keaggy | Partner & Co-founder at The Tremendousness Collective

"Karen is a passionate, creative photographer who works extremely hard to tell the story in the best way. As a photo editor I worked with Karen on hundreds of stories, a good deal of them ones she took the initiative to find, pursue and get published. Her experience is an asset to any company looking to tell stories with quality photography."

Marie Casey | President/founder, Casey Communications, Inc.

"Karen does a great job of clarifying goals and project parameters, and connecting deeply with her photo subjects."

Dave Gray | Founder and CEO at Liminl

"Karen is a wonderful person, a great photographer and a true professional, with a keen and artful eye. She would make an excellent choice should you be looking for a reliable photographer who will deliver excellent work in a timely manner."